Our Service Programs

Agric-tourism packaging and project

Our Agritourism packaging and projects involve developing and promoting tourism activities that highlight agricultural production and rural lifestyles both local and international. Our activities can include farm tours, food tastings, wine and cheese tastings, agricultural workshops, and other experiential activities.

Facilitation of sustainable peaceful co-existence and Cooperation Among our cattle farmers and crop farmers

Peaceful co-existence and cooperation between cattle farmers and crop farmers are crucial for sustainable agriculture and the overall development of rural communities.

Facilitation of Agric-savings and investment practices

We facilitate agric-savings and investment practices that can help promote sustainable agricultural development and increase farmers' incomes.

Capacity building training and education with the cattle farmers and crop farmers

Capacity building and training farmers are essential components of agricultural development. We take darmers through the process of developing skills, knowledge, and abilities in individuals or groups to enable them to perform specific tasks or achieve certain goals effectively.

Agri-co-operative Society

These cooperatives are formed to help farmers pool their resources and achieve common goals, such as marketing their products, purchasing supplies and equipment, and accessing financing to help increase yield and productivity.

Local and international agricultural tourism

We visit agricultural operations both locally and Internationally, such as farms, ranches, wineries, and orchards, for educational, recreational, or leisure purposes

Agric-tourism awareness Programmes with the cattle farmers and crop farmers

We promote agritourism through social media by using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to showcase the beauty of rural areas, highlight local farmers and their products, and promote agritourism activities in the region.

Facility extension to the local community farmers

Facility extension to the local community farmers can be an effective way to promote agriculture and rural development in a region. By providing farmers with access to modern facilities and technology, they can improve their yields and profitability, while also contributing to the local economy

Peace broking endeavour and conflict management at crisis ridden areas in Amantin District Bono East / Agogo

Managing conflict during a crisis can be a challenging task, we are good at managing conflict in our farming communities. It is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of farmers to help promote agriculture in Ghana and Africa at large.