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We are leading conveners and service providers partnering with the government and relevant stakeholders in agriculture to transform Ghana and Africa.

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Core Programs of TIIDAA

Our service programs are Agri-Investment, Agri-co-operative Society, and Agri-Capacity Building.

About Us


TIIDAA is the acronym for Tourism and Investment Initiatives for Developing Agriculture in Africa. It is a registered NGO under the laws of Ghana, serving as an Agric-tourism, promotion, and investment initiative organization.



To provide timeless, excellent professional, and innovative support services and initiatives toward the advancement, promotions, growth and development of Agriculture in Africa.


To be a leading one-stop service provider in Agric-support, agric-tourism, and investment for Africa.

Ongoing Project

Cattle Village Project By TIIDAA

Co-founder, Mr Issah

The cattle ranching village project will be a major and outstanding model cattle ranching site in Africa located in Ghana West Africa, with super-tech infrastructures and facilities towards achieving the desired target. it will be a model standard, healthy, hygienic and clean environment that would eventually metamorphose into a geometrically prosperous and robust cattle ranch farming project in Ghana and Africa at large. It would as well double as tourist attraction, hence its form and structure will be so innovative and fantastically fascinating to attract tourists and adventurers into the African environment.

Facilities like training institute for the cattle farmers and school for the children in the cattle village will go a long way to bring down the illiteracy among the cattle farmers children.

New and modern methods of cattle rearing and husbandry would be adopted, to forestall the problems of haphazard movement of cattle which is one of the major causes of uproar between the cattle farmers and crop farmers leading to the damages & destruction of farm beds/plantations, etc

Economically, the cattle Village Project will serve as a sustainable revenue earner to both the cattle owners and government as well, as taxes collected from the cattle owners would go a long way in contributing to the development funding system in the nation.

How We Help

Our Programs

Agric-tourism packaging and project

Our Agritourism packaging and projects involve developing and promoting tourism activities that highlight agricultural production and rural lifestyles both local and international. Our activities can include farm tours, food tastings, wine and cheese tastings, agricultural workshops, and other experiential activities.

Facilitation of sustainable peaceful co-existence and Cooperation Among our cattle farmers and crop farmers

Peaceful co-existence and cooperation between cattle farmers and crop farmers are crucial for sustainable agriculture and the overall development of rural communities.

Facilitation of Agric-savings and investment practices

We facilitate agric-savings and investment practices that can help promote sustainable agricultural development and increase farmers' incomes.

Capacity building training and education with the cattle farmers and crop farmers

Capacity building and training farmers are essential components of agricultural development. We take darmers through the process of developing skills, knowledge, and abilities in individuals or groups to enable them to perform specific tasks or achieve certain goals effectively.

Agri-co-operative Society

These cooperatives are formed to help farmers pool their resources and achieve common goals, such as marketing their products, purchasing supplies and equipment, and accessing financing to help increase yield and productivity.

Local and international agricultural tourism

We visit agricultural operations both locally and Internationally, such as farms, ranches, wineries, and orchards, for educational, recreational, or leisure purposes


 ALIDU AND THE COW is a book project that seeks to highlight the Fulani community the importance of adopting the new modern cattle ranching methods and also to send their children to school for a better future of their children

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