Local and international Agric-tourism

Youth Agric camp towards practical orientation in farming and Agric practices.

Indigenous farmers training and Education for the purposes of sustainable capacity building and development.

Facilitation of savings and investment practices especially among the peasant farmers towards the gradual growth and expansion of farming operation field.

Peace broking endeavor and visits to the crisis-ridden areas in Amantin District B/A Region where indigenous farmers and herdsmen/cattle farmers were clashing and fighting, killing themselves as well as the properties.

Facilitation of sustainable peaceful co-existence and co-operation among all the farmers and Agric practitioners.

As part of the peace broking process, we are currently bringing together both the cattle farmers under one co-operative umbrella as one body in Association.

Additionally, the same endeavour is currently on to take care of the interest of the indigenous farmers under one solid Association towards fostering peace and sustaining it.

Sensitization talk shop with community youth on the impact of edu-tourism on career growth and development.

Agric-tourism awareness programme with cattle farmers about the need to proceed on an internship programme for better capacity acquisition towards better ranch management.

Facility extension to farmers and community gardeners in Diare Nanton sub-district of Tamale in the Northern Region presentation of books, gift, etc.