To bring together local investors in agric, farmers and global players to explore agric business and investment opportunities.

To provide a platform for business to business (B2B) in agric, for exchanges of information for business development and networking.

To identify with African-Diaspora to address the challenges and problems attacking Agric-Business activities.

To facilitate resourceful intervention that will support the Agric-business between Africa and the rest of the world.

To meet multi-national Agric-based organization for the purposes of exchanges of information, programmes training, networking and marketing that would serve as one stop to African countries.

To sensitize talk shop with the community youth on importance of Agric business tour for growth and development.

To facilitate a sustainable networking and orientation knowledge between the African farmers and European farmers.

To broker a sustainable peace between the cattle herdsmen and the community farmers through business intervention initiatives.

To set up co-operative society to take care of the interest of the indigenous farmers and the herdsmen.